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About Spark

A free mentoring service by and for students with a business idea at Nord University!

Students at Nord can register their idea with Spark and get appointed a student mentor that will help them reach the next step to try to help bring the idea to life. The goal is not necessarily to make every idea become a registered company that the students can begin working in as full time employees after their finished education, but the main goal is to introduce as many students as possible to the idea that this is possible.

All mentors and employees are students, and Spark* is student run with help from one faculty member at Nord. All mentors have been involved with some sort of real life startup experience to make sure that the guidance they provide for other students who are just starting out with practical and entrepreneurial advice as an addition to their theoretical education at Nord.


Get in touch via the contact form below or email us at hei@sparknord.no!

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